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Python Software/Data Engineer



We are an AdTech company focused on developing advanced AI software solutions for the e-commerce and advertising industries. Our founders have previously succeeded in Europe launching multiple startups in these industries, and now launching in Mexico to target the LATAM market with a new offering. Our main focus is on developing e-commerce intelligence through data science and driving AI solutions that maximize performance across multiple advertising channels.


We’re looking for motivated developers who like solving hard problems and shipping good software.

You should have experience with:

  • ● +4 years coding in Python and/or Go (or similar languages)

  • ● +4 AWS and/or GCP servers

  • ● +4 SQL and/or NoSQL databases

  • ● ETLs using Airflow/Prefect or similar

  • ● Data lakes/warehouses on S3

  • ● Test Driven Development

  • ● Version control software (Git).

We would love it if you also had experience with:

● Postgres

● Kubernetes/Docker

● RabbitMQ/SQS/Celery

● Cachés (Redis, MemCached)

● CI/CD Pipelines (Jenkins, GoCD, Concourse, etc.)

● Terraform or similar

● E-commerce Advertising

● Google Ads API / Amazon API

● Pair Programming

● Working Remotely

● Working asynchronously

What You’ll Do:

Here’s a rough idea of how you’ll spend your time in a given week:

● Solo & Pair Programming: 75-85%

● Reviewing Pull Requests: 5-10% (less if you pair)

● Meetings (IPM and Retro): 2.5%

Zona de Trabajo:



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